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York Durham Headwaters

York Durham Headwaters with innovative brands and fast-growing businesses to build and market exceptional digital experiences. They’re known for their custom web and application development, interactive design, and integrated marketing campaigns.

I don’t think I could do this on my own: call up a customer and ask them these questions, write this beautiful narrative, and display it in a way that would actually garner results. It’s really hard to do that with your own customers—Case Study Buddy is a team you can trust.



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The Challenge

The Solution

The Result

Sales processes that work twice as well

Chantelle immediately saw what a powerful tool case studies could be. Leads now had a detailed account of how Tiller had solved problems similar to their own.

Tiller’s business development expert, Bruce Renton, reported that using the company’s case studies made his selling process at least twice as effective.

Chantelle noticed a major improvement in the number and quality of leads she was able to convert by including the case study in her pitching process, and noticed how new leads were referencing the case study during consultations.

Even more astonishing, some of Tiller Digital’s partners began sending Tiller’s case studies to people when referring them to Tiller—without even being asked!

Best of all, the valuable feedback collected from the case study helped Chantelle and her team better understand their own strengths and value to their clients. As a result, they’re far better at communicating those strengths and convincing leads they’re the right choice.

Get more meetings and close more deals with the power of customer success stories.

If you want sales assets your leads can’t ignore, we’ve got a proven process for delivering them.